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12th – 20th
September 2020

2Dogs Games

Destiny’s Sword is a living-narrative game, featuring unprecedented character depth and diversity.
Join thousands of players to create intertwined adventures, and shape the evolution of the story together.
In the future wounds can be easily healed, courage bolstered through teamwork and strength of arms. But when the adrenaline fades and a soldier sits alone on their bunk... that is when the hardest battles are fought.
In Destiny’s Sword you’re the commander of a new combat squad - every recruit has their own story to tell, their own reasons for getting involved.
Their experiences while under your command will shape their development and affect their performance.
Get to know your squad on and off the battlefield, exploring the full depth of the human condition - you’ll need a blend of tactics AND empathy to achieve victory!
We’ve all played the hero. It’s time to be a leader.

2Dogs Games



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