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12th – 20th
September 2020


  • Available on PC
  • Genre Action & Adventure
  • Release date Out now
  • Exhibitor PAX Indie Showcase

Dreamscaper is a surreal action roguelite with satisfying but challenging souls-lite combat. Tackle the permadeath of the dreamscapes by night but keep the friendships you make by day in order to grow stronger. DREAM. DIE. WAKE. REPEAT.

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Screenshot of Anew: The Distant Light.

Anew: The Distant Light

Anew: The Distant Light is a single-player, open-world action and adventure game for PC and console platforms. You are a child with limited resources, waking up on a distant alien moon, twenty light years from Earth. Discover a mysterious, interconnected alien world and carry out a mission of critical importance. Earn game-changing equipment through skillful combat and solving puzzles. Customize your gear, pilot insane vehicles, and repair your powerful home ship for the ultimate advantage. Inspired by classic games like Metroid, Cave Story, Limbo, and Dark Souls, Anew: The Distant Light will appeal to fans of platforming, combat, exploration, and visual storytelling.

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Screenshot of Boyfriend Dungeon.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Romance your swords! In this dating simulator/dungeon crawler mash up, capture the hearts of up to nine weapons (male, female, non-binary). Spend the cash you earn on romantic outings to forge precious moments with your lovers and work together to clear the rampant monster infestations, because after all, a couple that slays together, stays together.

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Screenshot of Dap.


Dap is a top-down action-adventure/horror game about collecting and interacting with cute little critters called Daps. Set in a lush forest world beset by an alien infection, battle strange monstrosities and scavenge for resources while using your Daps to help you along the way. Meet bizarre, otherworldly creatures in damp and dark corners. Come face to face with powerful god-like beings who seek to destroy you. Travel to the spirit world and learn the truth behind the Daps and the infection. With influences spanning from The Legend of Zelda, the films of Studio Ghibli, to sci-fi author Phillip K Dick, Dap is a psychedelic, horrific, cute and unique take on the top down action/adventure genre.

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Screenshot of Gamedec.


Gamedec is a single-player, non-combat, cyberpunk, isometric RPG. You are a Gamedec – a private detective who solves crimes inside virtual worlds. The decisions you make will alter your character’s traits and impact the course of the game, but cases are riddled with dilemmas and rarely clear-cut. The game emulates the nature of a tabletop RPG by focusing on multiple, choice-dependent, character-building scenarios. In Gamedec, there is no black and white - some options will feel right, while others might surprise and impact the course of the game. The game never judges the player's actions; Each decision can shape the character's personality. Actions have true weight to the whole gameplay. There are no good or bad decisions. the player and his moral code decide how the story unfolds.

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