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12th – 20th
September 2020

Drone Swarm: Deluxe Edition

Control a swarm of 32,000 drones in this strategy-adventure set in space! Jump from system to system and battle powerful alien fleets. Destroy enemy vessels, slam them into one another, block attacks and outsmart defenses. You are Captain Carter controlling a swarm of 32,000 drones! Aboard the spaceship Argo you strategically deploy them to overcome any obstacle. Split the swarm to simultaneously defend your ship and attack the enemy. Develop your own tactics, creatively outsmart the enemy, and exploit the environment to destroy alien aggressors. Explore the uncharted galaxy with its many dangers on your mission to find New Earth. Evolve the swarm with new abilities and keep upgrading your mothership to overcome ever more powerful threats. Includes the Drone Swarm base game, two in-game weapon upgrades for your mothership, the first official digital Drone Swarm comic, and the Drone Swarm soundtrack.

Drone Swarm: Deluxe Edition livestream schedule



Drone Swarm

Presented by Astragon Entertainment GmBH

Making childhood dreams come true since twenty years! Drive a great variety of officially licensed buses in the upcoming Bus Simulator 21, fly a high speed FPV drone in Liftoff: Drone Racing and control 32.000 drones in our upcoming SciFi strategy adventure Drone Swarm. Join the official EGX Digital panel of astragon Entertainment and learn more about our games!



Drone Swarm - PAX Online x EGX Digital Live Stream

Presented by Astragon Entertainment GmBH

Tune in on Friday at 5 p.m. (BST)/ 6 p.m. (CEST)/ 9 a.m. (PDT) when Game Director Julian Mautner from stillalive studios will present the story-driven sci-fi strategy adventure game Drone Swarm in the course of our PAX Online x EGX Digital livestream program!

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Screenshot of Bus Simulator 21.

Bus Simulator 21

Look forward to Bus Simulator 21 and the most comprehensive and advanced fleet in the history of the series. An impressive number of officially licensed and faithfully modelled buses from renowned manufacturers like Alexander Dennis are waiting to tackle the everyday demands of public transport. Get ready for the brand-new U.S. map Angel Shores and the European Seaside Valley map you all know from Bus Simulator 18 – including the map extension. The more open world approach of Bus Simulator 21 means that you get to experience the exciting daily life of a bus driver in two massive, freely explorable cities, including their industry and outlying districts, a vibrant Chinatown district, a promenade, the surrounding hilly countryside, and the business park. Different difficulty levels and play modes are also available for a wide range of player types.

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Screenshot of Liftoff: Drone Racing - Deluxe Edition.

Liftoff: Drone Racing - Deluxe Edition

Get four exclusive skins when purchasing Liftoff: Drone Racing Deluxe Edition. Customize your drones with three unique Rotor Riot skins, and show off your love of simulations with the astragon skin. Become a skilled drone racing pilot in Liftoff: Drone Racing! The game challenges you to start a fast paced from backyard to pro track drone racing pilot career, either solo in the single player or together with others in the online multiplayer mode. With 27 officially licensed drone frames and hundreds of parts and skins from several top brands such as Rotor Riot, Armattan and ImmersionRC, you will be able to customise your own authentic racing drone by using thousands of customisation combinations. Create the drone of your dreams, start your motors and fly up to 60 race tracks in first-person or third-person view to be the best drone pilot out there.

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