PAX Online x EGX Digital

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events: Home Edition

12th – 20th
September 2020

Moo Lander

  • Available on PC / Xbox One
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Platform / Puzzle
  • Release date 2021
  • Exhibitor The Sixth Hammer

Milk - the purest energy source, rivalled by the brightest hypernovas, has been lost after The War! Scour the unknown in search for the source of infinite milk with the last interstellar spaceship of your kind.

• Fight with intelligent and diverse life forms, unlock unique tactical and combat abilities in the emotional, 6+ hours long campaign full of memorable characters and plot twists.
• Tame the Mighty Cow Bosses - master your skills to match the superior intellect of our advanced Cow AI!
• Discover beautiful, yet lethal hand-crafted landscapes and their unique challenges, enemies and puzzles, trying to save your dying civilization.
• Continue fighting in PvP and PvE Multiplayer as a Mighty Cow or a High-tech Lander with up to 4 friends and have fun in brutal combats and cow chases.

For this year’s PAX and EGX online gaming event we have prepared a fierce multiplayer tournament with awesome rewards!

The tournament will be ongoing on 14th to 20th September. During this time, all participants that score points in the multiplayer are competing for awesome prizes - money rewards and you can even get your name engraved in the game!

For everything you need to know – visit our official tournament website, in the link section below!

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