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12th – 20th
September 2020

Neko Ghost, Jump!

  • Available on Android / PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Driving & Racing / Kids & Family / Platform / Puzzle
  • Release date 2021
  • Exhibitor Burgos Games

Neko Ghost, Jump! is a puzzle-platformer where you switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives and between your physical & ghost forms to solve puzzles, collect coins, and combat enemies. It stars Nekoman, on an epic quest to save his friends and loved ones from the treacherous Space Dog Pirates. This adventure will take Nekoman across several biomes ranging from grassy plains to snowy tundras, to sweltering deserts and beyond.

Neko Ghost, Jump! is not only an accessible family-friendly affair but also can be a furmidable challenge. Race against the clock trying to beat the speedrun time, take your sweet time and collect all the coins in the level, or for those that prefer no-fuss all action, just whack enemies into oblivion with the swordfish. Use the loot collected in each level to not only take some time off the clock but also to customize Nekoman’s appearance with plenty of options available.

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