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12th – 20th
September 2020

Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

  • Available on PC / Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4 / Xbox One
  • Genre Action & Adventure / Fighting / Kids & Family
  • Release date Out now
  • Exhibitor Modus Games

An anime-inspired beat-em-up with varied enemies and deep customization. Supports 2-player online or local co-op.

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Screenshot of Ary and the Secret of Seasons.

Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Take control of the seasons and use them to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and discover the beautiful world of Valdi.

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Screenshot of Cris Tales.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales is a gorgeous, indie love letter to classic JRPGs with a new perspective. Peer into the past, act in the present, and watch as your choices dynamically change the future -- all on one screen as you play!

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Screenshot of Degrees of Separation.

Degrees of Separation

A puzzle platformer where cooperation is built into every move. Two contrasting souls fall in love but are separated by an enigmatic force.

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Screenshot of In Sound Mind.

In Sound Mind

In Sound Mind is an imaginative first-person psychological horror with frenetic puzzles, unique boss fights, and original music by The Living Tombstone. Journey within the inner workings of the one place you can’t seem to escape—your own mind.

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