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12th – 20th
September 2020

The Red Solstice

  • Available on PC
  • Genre Strategy
  • Release date Out now
  • Exhibitor Red Solstice 2

2280 A.D. The last few survivors of a ruined Earth seek a new home: Mars, a planet whose inhabitants didn't take too kindly to outsiders. The Red Solstice is a tense, tactical, squad-based action game. Fight to survive with up to 8 players in co-op, or lead your own squad in single-player mode.

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Screenshot of Red Solstice 2: Survivors.

Red Solstice 2: Survivors

Sequel to the best-seller ?The Red Solstice?. Plan your strategy and infiltrate a real-time tactical battlefield - alone or with up to 7 squad members. Can you demonstrate the combat prowess to survive and secure a future for humanity? A top-down tactical survival game. Forge your story of defending the planet through a series of combat missions and strategic choices while researching. Seamless transition between singleplayer and multiplayer. Play the campaign alone or invite your friends. Got stuck? Request the aid of your friends! Friends can join you with their own technologies or you can join and help them in theirs. WISHLIST US ON STEAM BELOW

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