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12th – 20th
September 2020

Green Man Gaming Publishing

Green Man Gaming are pleased to showcase a selection of titles from their publishing team, including:

• Skybolt Zack, a frantic and fast paced action arcade gaming experience for PC and Nintendo Switch
• The recently released Lovingly Evil for PC, a brand-new visual novel dating sim set at the Villain Conference
• The upcoming 2D horror puzzle-adventure Re:Turn – One Way Trip, coming to PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 in October

We also have the lead developer for Re:Turn, Omar Bik, as well as the game’s writer, David Bergantino, who will be taking part in an exclusive panel to discuss horror games in more detail. Be sure to check out the panel and try the demo on the Green Man Gaming stand!

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Livestreams featuring Green Man Gaming Publishing



Instigating fear in horror games

Writer and host Louise Blain is joined by panellists Omar Bik (Red Ego Games), Barney Pratt (Supermassive Games), David Bergantino (Red Ego Games) and Ignacio Herrero (Protocol Games) to discuss the methods that developers use to create fear in modern horror games.


Merch showcase

Be the envy of your friends with this awesome collection of event merchandise.