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12th – 20th
September 2020

Auroch Digital

"Mars Horizon is a strategy simulation game about leading a major space agency and guiding humanity to Mars. Starting at the dawn of the space race, the game allows the player to chart an alternate history and write their own story: Will NASA put the first satellite into space? Will Russia land on the Moon first? Guide the first humans to walk on the red planet if you build the right strategy. Mars Horizon will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Manage the mission
There are multiple ways to ensure the first person on Mars is under your command. Every choice matters. Using actual events and missions as inspiration, can you handle the challenges faced by real space agencies?

Journey to Mars
Design and build the right spacecraft, hire crew, and make strategic decisions as mission control to survive the journey. Enter into diplomatic partnerships with other agencies to share the rewards, or risk going it alone to gain greater prestige.

Face the challenges
In assuming the role of Flight Director of mission control, you'll need to manage your spacecraft's resources and solve strategic challenges in turn-based missions to succeed.

Supported by ESA
Mars Horizon has been made with the input and support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and UK Space Agency. From engineers developing the technology used in Mars programmes, to those designing the next generation of missions, bringing an unprecedented level of authenticity, realism, and legitimacy to the gameplay and its scenarios. "

Auroch Digital


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Can playing games help you get into space?

Led by Dr. Tomas Rawlings, Jem and Mike from the Mars Horizon team talk about how playing games can help you get into space and work within the space industry. Find out how games can inspire a passion for space, different ways games help us learn STEM subjects, how gaming hones teamwork skills, and how crucial teamwork is in space exploration. We hope that some people watching this talk may find themselves, in a decade or two’s time, boarding a ship ready to be part of the first crewed mission to Mars!

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