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12th – 20th
September 2020


We are proud to be exhibiting our first game at EGX Leftfield - The Boy In The Book.

Inspired by the text adventures we used to play when growing up and following in the footsteps of Her Story and Stories Untold, The Boy In The Book is a modern day adventure game that is both groundbreaking and truly unique.

Working alongside a team of filmmakers and the main protagonist Nathan, a geeky obsessive, the player is on a quest to find out who wrote the mysterious diary that fell out of a Choose Your Own Adventure book purchased on eBay. But this is no ordinary game. Part documentary, part text adventure, everything you see is real and your decisions reflect how the game will unfold.

The Boy in the Book is a creation by Nathan Penlington, Fernando Gutierrez De Jesus, Sam Smaïl, and Nick Watson, who make up the company Choose Your Own Documentary.



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