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12th – 20th
September 2020

Studio Kumiho

We are Studio Kumiho, a young and budding game developer loaded with talent and monstrous ambitions!
Every game that we makes aims to move the player emotionally. We do not follow trends, we merely want to make the best games we can.

About Cricket: Jae's Really Peculiar Game:
After a devastating loss, Jae would do anything to fix the past. Blast off with your newfound friends on a journey to the gates of Yimmelia, a fabled land on the moon that’s rumored to grant any wish.
Traverse forests, explore cities, ruin a rock concert, and crash a fandom convention, all while throwing your JRPG expectations out the window.
Ram your head into things, just to see what happens! Maybe it’ll be cool?
Recruit and travel with five new friends, each with their own unique powers.
Customize your battle experience with six playable characters.
Time your attacks to build your meter, unleashing powerful duo and trio attacks!
Consult with your party members about your surroundings, how to beat enemies, or just to check in on your pals.
Freely interact with NPCs during conversations: stand there and take it, throw items at them, or just walk away.
Your actions have consequences—how you treat people in this world affects combat.
(You do have to crash the fandom convention, though. Sorry.)

Hey, if you can figure out who’s playing at the rock concert, can you forward it to us so we can stay tuned?

“Stay tuned”...That’s hilarious. We’re done here.


Studio Kumiho


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