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12th – 20th
September 2020

Studio Oleomingus

We are a two person game and arts practice studio, based in Chala, India. Our work at the studio is conducted at the intersection of post colonial writing and interactive fiction, and we use videogame spaces as sites of discourse, resistance and record. With our games we attempt to study colonial power structures and the histories that they occlude and how interactive fiction might be used to pollute a single reductive record of the past or of a people.

About our game :
The Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place is a story about a municipal building eater consuming the last tower in a town condemned to be removed from history. It is an examination of the violence of erasure, and ponders the grave cost and the profound grief of having to survive at the edge of despotism, when places of entangled heritage and culture are willfully effaced.

Studio Oleomingus


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