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12th – 20th
September 2020

Vivid Foundry

Solace State is an intimate choice-driven cyberpunk game about a young hacker, Chloe, who comes to her political awakening as she seeks out her friends in a sci-fi surveillance society. Your choices in immersive conversations, the kindling of relationships, and escalating tensions lead to multiple endings. Change the personal, revolutionize the political.

Solace State was borne out of Tanya Kan's desire to explore the complexity of political factionalism. It’s set in a near-future cyberpunk city, where biotech disrupts the hope of a better future and the political will of diverse groups of people. With a background in political science, Tanya dove into researching about activism and social governance for Solace State. She built the game narrative around themes of how people may lose faith in authority figures, but also how they build communities and relationships to rally for change. No doubt, the political tensions in the world today are complex and sometimes stranger than fiction, but we hope to create the spark of constructive hope and conversation.

Vivid Foundry


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