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12th – 20th
September 2020


SEGA has been at the forefront of digital entertainment since 1960, entertaining the world with innovative, creative experiences, one community at a time.

From the 16-bit nostalgia fuelled era of the world-famous Mega Drive to the content first mentality of the publisher that today brings you Total War, Football Manager, Yakuza and so much more, one thing has remained consistent: quality, player focused games.

Now entering our 60th year as a business, SEGA’s journey to becoming the company it is today is a story that features a diverse and wonderful cast of players from all backgrounds. It’s seen us and our studios release games for almost every conceivable format, with every high and low along the way shaping our future towards continued innovation in entertainment.

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The OpenDev Method for Developing Humankind (the game)

Presented by SEGA

Last month, Amplitude invited the community to join in the development of upcoming historical strategy title Humankind via a new program called OpenDev. So how did it go? Join the team as we dive into the benefits and challenges of developing a game spanning the scope of history, hand-in-hand with the community.


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